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Abgeschickt von Wayne Krefting am 22 Februar, 2005 um 18:13:43

Antwort auf: Reidar Krefting: Buch Slekten Krefting von Achim Meintgens am 03 Oktober, 2004 um 17:43:13:

Hallo Achim!

Ich habe das Buch "Slekten Krefting", Reidar Krefting, Oslo 1963.

Since my German is not very good, I will continue in English. I can send you a copy, either by copying the book, or I could scan it and send it to you in a pdf or other file. What would be most helpful.

I am looking for the person who took Reidar's place as historian because I have a number of questions about the book, and our family history. Do you have a name?

Let me know what works best for you with regard to the book.

Wayne Krefting

: Wir suchen noch das Buch "Slekten Krefting",
: Autor: Reidar Krefting, Norwegen 1963

: Wenn jemand weiß wo wir dieses Buch erwerben können (es kann auch eine Kopie sein), sind wir für jeden Hinweis dankbar.

: Gruß Achim


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